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Swiss Cheese Yo Bucket! A 2" Hole saw make short work of this. Stay above the fill line! Keep at least the top ring intact to keep structural stability.
Top Line: Your mat and shade cloth must be shorter than 14" in a standard 5 gal bucket, so the lid can go on.
Shade Cloth - 13" - I started with 14" like a moron. Go with 13.5" or 13" instead, or be ready to trim some off.
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Double-Layer Filter: The shade cloth is a filter to the outside. Lots of dust at Burning Man, so I used two layers for better filtration. You could use only one if you really wanted to.
Cooler Mat = 13" Start at 13" for the cooler mat. You can easily trim 1/2" off if you decide it's too high.
Too wide! The cooler mat comes 30x36". Turns out 36" is bigger than you want. Easy to trim with scissors. Or be smart and use the 30" side instead!
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