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You'll need a password from me to view any of the Burning Man photos. These aren't for general public at this point, so you'll need to contact me and convince me I should give you access.

Galleries of my general photos from Burning Man 2012 can be found here: Kalani's Burning Man 2012: Fertility 2.0 Pix

Galleries of my photos from Burning Man 2012, shots of the Flow Temple Fire Conclave's fire performance can be found here: Flow Temple Fire Conclave - Burning Man 2012

Galleries of my general photos from Burning Man 2010 can be found here: Kalani's Burning Man 2010: Metropolis Pix

Older photos:

Following are nice tables of thumbnails, nicely sized, and you can see the full images load at 1200x1600 if you click on them. I decided not to optimize the full versions of the pix for smaller screens, opting instead to provide the fullest resolution possible for those who want a closer look.

But for now, I present, for your (authorized) viewing pleasure, pics from my trip to Burning Man in 2002:

Kalani's Burning Man 2002 Pix (Please note that these photos represent pictures taken by both Jessica and me, blended into one series.)

I also have photos from my trek to Burning Man 2001 with the Gnomadia group:

Kalani's Burning Man 2001 Pix

Finally, I also present, pics that Aaron (another member of the Gnomadia group) took at Burning Man 2001:

Aaron's Burning Man 2001 Pix


And now, I have a page regarding the process I went through to build a GeoDome for Burning Man 2002, complete with photos and step-by-step information on how I did it, in case you want to try your hand at it:

Burning Man 2002 GeoDome Project

DIY Bucket Swamp Cooler

Instructions can be found here for building your very own small, portable, low-power (or no-power with solar options) swamp cooler to cool your small living space while at Burning Man!

Bucket Swamp Cooler

EL Wire!

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Soldering EL Wire


Last but not least, we have the bare beginnings of another "Kalani's Link Pages" collection of Burning Man links. See it while it's still small and cute!

Kalani's Burning Man Links


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