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Add 2 gal of water, and fire up the pump (mine is solar). Works well!
Prep Lid: I decided to mount the fan off to the side, so can mount two (One more powerful fan could go right in the middle instead). The lid cuts easily with a box knife, only need to drill holes for the mounting screws. Cut a rough hole and then carve carefully to final size.
Mounted Fan: Room for two 120mm fans, side-by-side.
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Mounted Fan! Standard fan mounting screws go from the bottom, through the lid and into the holes on the fan. Note there is room in the middle to leave a strip of plastic in the center even when adding the second fan. Very important if you don't want everything to sag into the middle!
Mounted fan, bottom of lid. Room for two!
Completed! Ready for testing, or adding the second fan.
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