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Better Width: I cut the mat down to 30" with scissors. Very easy. Or be smarter than me, and start with the 30" edge in the first place.
Not a cylinder! Turns out buckets are slightly cone-shaped. To better fit the curve, you'll want to remove a slice.
Fit that curve! About an inch comes off, sliced up as pictured, to better fit in the slightly conical bucket.
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Good Fit: Much better with the wedge/slice out!
Poly Irrigation Line, 1/2": Standard 1/2" poly irrigation line. A 50' roll is about $5. You only need about 4' total, so share, or find a source!
Drip Ring: Thr drip tubing cuts easily with a box knife. Stick one side into the T coupling, and eyeball the other cut, it's not hard!
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